Completing the 2020 ALA Annual Call for Proposals

ALA Conference Services began accepting program proposals on June 10, 2019 for the 2020 ALA Annual Conference to take place in Chicago, IL,  June 25-30, 2020. All proposals will be accepted via one submission site for all ALA Divisions, Round Tables, Committees and Offices. After submission, the proposals are automatically routed to the LITA Program Planning Committee for scoring and selection.

LITA programs at the Annual Conference are one-hour educational sessions on a topic relevant to library technology. LITA submissions are open to anyone, regardless of ALA membership status.

Go to the Submission Site.

Please note, the link to the submission site will redirect to the ALA login page. All submitters are required to have an ALA profile but are not required to be ALA members.

The submission site closes on September 10, 2019.

  • Final Decisions Made: Early December, 2019
  • Schedule of Sessions Announced: Mid-December, 2019

Completing the Submission Form

Please be careful completing the form as your answers will be used in the scoring to determine the success of your proposal.

Start by selecting “Begin a New Submission.” When initiating your proposal make sure to choose Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) as your Submission Unit.

For each page, you are required to click either a Save or Continue button in order to successfully move to the next steps. The submission form contains 7 areas that you must complete in order to then finalize your submission. Here is a listing of some of the submission form entry areas that could be of particular importance.

  1. Description
    • You must choose a Topic or create an “other”
    • Descriptions should be less than 150 words in general and must be under 100 words for the program book version.
  2. Proposal Subject and Audience Information – LITA
    • These will include choosing subject headings, defining your target audience, and denoting interest to types of libraries.
  3. Learning Objectives
    • You are required to submit at least 2, but no more than 3, learning objectives for your program.
  4. Program Details
    • Is this a panel presentation and panel considerations.
    • Briefly describe how the program will align with one or more of ALA’s strategic directions. Especially how the program supports increased equity, diversity and inclusion.
    • Provide any collaborations you will be working with, including LITA Interest Groups, Committees, or other ALA or non-ALA organizations (e.g., ALCTS, ALA Sustainability Round Table, ACLU, EFF, etc.) as well as other conferences the material has been presented at.
  5. Program Room Set up Requirements
    • Details what is provided for you and asks for a size estimate
  6.  Contact
    • This is a two part process to enter your speakers and moderators. First you enter the names and contact email address. Then you open the contact again and enter their position and affiliation.
    • This information is important so your speakers can be contacted for releases and to allow them to upload their slide sets, headshots and bios.
  7. Acknowledge
    • You must provide a virtual signature.

After saving each section, save the whole entry in order to complete the process. On your dashboard, a successful submission will have a Green Check Mark Dot.

Preconference Proposals

In addition to program session proposals, we also encourage submissions for half-day or full-day preconferences to help participants develop skills through interactive learning. Proposals for Annual 2020 preconferences use a different form but go through the same type of review and selection process.

* This process will open soon.

Submit a LITA Preconference Proposal for ALA Annual 2020

Call for Proposals FAQs

LITA is now accepting innovative and creative proposals for the 2020 Annual American Library Association Conference. We’re looking for 60-minute conference presentations. The focus should be on technology in libraries, whether that’s use of, new ideas for, trends in, or interesting/innovative projects being explored – it’s all for you to propose.

When and Where is the Conference?

The 2020 Annual ALA Conference will be held  in Chicago, IL, June 25-30, 2020.

What kind of topics are we looking for?

We’re looking for programs that inspire technological change and adoption in all library types, especially those that go above and beyond the everyday use of technology. We encourage presenters from underrepresented groups to submit proposals.

We regularly receive many more proposals than we can program into the 20 slots available to LITA at the ALA Annual Conference. This link from the 2019 ALA Annual conference scheduler shows examples of the great LITA programs from this past year.

Program descriptions should be 150 words or less.

When will I have an answer?

Soon after the final decisions are made in Early December, 2019.

Do I have to be a member of ALA/LITA or a LITA interest iroup (IG) or a committee?

No! We welcome proposals from anyone who feels they have something to offer regarding library technology. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide financial support for speakers. Because of the limited number of program slots, LITA IGs and Committees will receive preference where two equally well-written programs are submitted. Presenters may be asked to combine programs or work with an IG/Committee where similar topics have been proposed.

Have another question?

Please feel free to email LITA staff at